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Lapping Systems & Accessories
MetroLap offers a complete range of lapping and polishing systems for industry. Special purpose machines can be developed for specific applications.

MetroLap also offers a locally produced lapping machine, ranging from 15 to 36 inch, these machines come equipped with KEMET lapping plates to ensure your components have the ultimate surface finish. These machines will be able to lap components up to 360mm in diameter.
• Significant reduction in lapping costs
• Cleaner environment conditions
• Reduced inspection requirements
• One operation surface finish
• Semi skilled operation
• Faster material removal
• Faster polishing process
• Pre set parameters
• Reduced rejections
• Optimum geometry and surface finish
• Easier product cleaning
• Better utilisation of machine time
Diamond Abrasives
Kemet International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Diamond Abrasive Products used in research and industry. The wide range of standard formulations include liquids, pastes, suspensions, gels and sticks. Our laboratories have over 50 years experience and have developed special formulations for most lapping and polishing processes. These range from basic hand lapping operations to fully automatic double sided lapping systems.
Standard Kemet Liquid Diamond Products
Type K

An excellent, general purpose, low viscosity oil/water emulsion suitable for most applications.

Type W Series
Water soluble Liquid Diamond available in various viscosities. Recommended where lapping/polishing must be carried out in the absence of oil based materials.

Type O
Low viscosity oil soluble Liquid Diamond with enhanced cleaning properties.
• Consistency of Performance

Manufactured under a Quality System registered by BSI Cert No QO5919 ISO 9001:2008

• Precise and Superfine Surface Finishes
Available in an extensive range of different micron sizes, containing only virgin Diamond Powder, graded to closer tolerances than the internationally recognised standards

• Efficiency and Economy
Uniform suspension of Diamond Powders in specially formulated chemical carriers, ensures that the diamond cuts and polishes with maximum effectiveness

• Easy Product Cleaning
Specially formulated Liquid Diamond Products enable parts to be cleaned easily.

Kemet Lubricating Fluids
Specially developed to ensure that Kemet Liquid Diamond cuts and polishes with maximum efficiency. Two Lubricating Fluids are recommended – Type K, a mineral oil based lubricant, and Type W, a water based lubricant.
Flat Lapping Plates
Kemet composite lapping plates are manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of synthetic resins, metal particles and other materials. The plates are ideal for today’s advanced lapping technology, especially when used with Kemet Liquid Diamond.

• Holds diamond particles firmly, ensuring both efficient stock removal and repetitive component surface finish.

• Ductile qualities cushion the diamond particles, preventing damage to the workpiece.

• Produced in varying hardness values so that even the softest material can, without impregnation, be safely lapped with diamond particles.

• Dissipates heat and prevents laminar flow of lapped surfaces.

• Easy control for optimum flatness.

• Lapping/polishing plates available to fit all makes of lapping machines with plate diameters up to 3000mm.

• Supplied with a cast iron backing plate for maximum stability.

Kemet Lapping Plates

Kemet Iron
The most commonly used plate. For general purpose stock removal and lapping operations

Kemet XP
Gives improved flat polished surfaces on many materials. Flat mirror surfaces can be produced on many hard materials

Kemet Copper
Used to lap softer materials where fine lapping and polishing are the primary requirements

Kemet Tin
One of the softest Kemet Plates used for mirror polishing with fine grades of Kemet Liquid Diamond.
Standard Kemet Lapping Plates
These plates are normally supplied mounted on a cast iron backing plate for maximum stability. They are recommended for general and heavy-duty work where high precision flatness and surface finish are required.

Kemet Lift Off Disc System
Kemet Lapping Plates are also available as Lift Off Discs, for machines up to 610mm (24") diameter. Discs are supplied mounted on an aluminium backing plate, which locates on to an aluminium drive plate by means of three pegs. Lift Off Discs can be easily changed and are recommended for light duty work where general flatness and precision finish are required.

Kemet Lapping Plates can be supplied grooved to suit specific applications.

Kemet Annular Grooved Plates
These plates are designed for precision shoulder lapping of a wide range of parts, such as fuel pump gear faces and pressure relief valve caps. Groove width and depth of plates need to be specified when ordering.
Flat Lapping Machines
Bench Mounted Precision Diamond Flat Lapping and Polishing Machines

Both Kemet 15 and 20 models are bench mounted machines with rigid metal construction and height adjustable work tables. The machines incorporate digital process timers and automatic Liquid Diamond Dispensing Systems.

• Suitable for lift off disc system
• Fixed speed
• Pneumatic lift on model 20"

Other versions
• COL-K Chemical polishing version
• Clipper Blade sharpening machine

• Variable speed
• Suitable for bench mounting
• Produces optically flat surfaces with high precision surface finish
• Reduces lapping costs – fully controllable Kemet Electronic Dispensing System accurately meters diamond abrasive onto the lapping plate
• Reduces waste – only small quantities of diamond abrasive and non-toxic fluids are used
• Built in abrasive system for conditioning Kemet plates
• Electrical System complies with EN 60 204
• Easy to adapt for special lapping applications
• Transportable
Spherical Lapping and Polishing System
To lap and polish pre-machined spherical balls and cups to a mirror finish with roundness usually better than 3 microns.

System Features
• 6 motors all with independent variable speed to provide complete control.
• Lapping and Polishing pressures applied pneumatically.
• Simple change from ball to cup polishing action.
• Average process time less than 5 mins.
• Low running costs.
• Manual and Jogging facility provided for setting up.
• Fully guarded with auto lifting door access.
• Dual process timers.
• Single button process start.
• Lighting provided.
• Smooth and silent running.
• Comes complete with initial tooling set
• CE marked.
• Full manual and training provided.
• Size: 1600mm (W) x 820mm (D) x 2500mm (H)
• Electrical: 230.1.50 supply
• Air: 3 Bar Max.
Flatness Measuring Equipment
For use with Kemet Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems, Kemet Flatness Measuring Equipment is designed to assist in the measurement and maintenance of surface flatness.

Kemet Monochromatic Light
Produces clear flatness readings when used with Kemet Optical Flats. The compact designed Light is easily transportable and uses a sodium long-life light source. Supplied with a flatness reading interpretation chart.

Optical Flat Light Box Stands are available for use with large Optical Flats.
Kemet Flatness Gauges
The Flatness Gauges are used to monitor lapping plate flatness, which, in turn, gives an indication of component flatness. Available for most machine sizes, in metric calibration, the gauges are supplied in a case with a master setting block. Full instructions are provided.

Kemet Optical Flats
Produced from Quartz, Kemet Optical Flats are available in single and double sided, standard sizes from 25mm up to 300mm diameter. They are supplied with Certificate of Conformity together with full instructions. National Physical Laboratory Certificates are also available. Special optical flats are available on request. Kemet offers an optical flat reconditioning and calibration service.
Hand Lapping Kits
Kemet Portable Hand Lapping Kits
Leaking pumps, valves and seals cause many problems, leading to wastage, poor performance, unnecessary costs, even health hazards. Kemet Portable Lapping Kits enable refurbishment to be carried out on site, reducing expensive downtime. Components manufactured from ceramics, tungsten carbide, stellite, brass, steel, silicon carbide, ni-resist etc, can be lapped and/or polished by hand in minutes rather than hours. The kits are also ideal for low volume production, where it is not economical to purchase a lapping or polishing machine.
Kemet Polishing Pads
Kemet Polishing Pads
Flat polished surfaces can only be produced on many softer materials with the use of polishing pads. These are available to suit most flat lapping machines. Kemet offer the widest range of self-adhesive and metallic backed polishing pads, of which there are three general types:

• Synthetic Silk Pads
• Chemo Textile Pads
• Nap Cloths
Consumables, Spares & Accessories
Kemet Abrasive Products
KEMET supply the widest range of Abrasive Products, including Liquids, Pastes, Suspensions and Powders. Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide are available in all grit sizes.

A range of suspension treated abrasives where the abrasive and carrier are pre-mixed in the correct proportions, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient Lapping Process. Other abrasive types are available.
A liquid polish used on KEMET CHEM CLOTH to produce the ultimate in high quality mirror polishes on polishing machines. A part abrasive part chemical polishing action makes COL-K well suited to polishing difficult materials such as Stellite and Cobalt Chrome.

Abrasive Pastes
Kemet manufacture a wide range of abrasive lapping pastes. Our range of Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide pastes have many applications but are particularly suited to the lapping of mechanical seals and valve seats. The pastes are water soluble and safe to use
Lapping Plates
We offer a part exchange service for all worn Kemet Lapping Plates. Cast iron and soft metal plates are available for most machines.
Conditioning Rings
Conditioning Rings wear naturally as part of the lapping process. Replacements are available to fit most flat lapping machine models.
Kemet can supply Kemet lapping plates for all lapping machine models including segmented plates for 48 inch machines and larger. Ceramic or Plastic faced rings are available for use on polishing cloths.
Industrial Cleaning Systems
Industry and manufacturers with lapping processes increasingly require more efficient and environmental methods of cleaning precision parts. Kemet can supply ultrasonic cleaning systems from 3 to 3,000 litres for use with Aqueous ultrasonic detergents.

There is also a range of Rinse / Dryer / Dewatering / Filtration equipment to tailor a system to achieve the required cleaning standard. Fully 'automatic' systems are also available. In applications where only solvent will achieve the required performance, we have fully enclosed solvent systems available.
MetroLap Sub Contract Lapping & Polishing
If your components require optimum flatness to perform to specification, if they are difficult to lap, or you have a particularly tight deadline to meet, MetroLap’s Sub Contract Service is the answer. We’re renowned for our service, reliability and quality, and we specialise in fast turnaround times. Our expertise is wide and varied: it includes the lapping and polishing of mechanical seals, valves, compact disc mirror blocks, flat plastic mould inserts, comparator stages, spacers, cutter discs, and aircraft pump components.

Machine Details
Our machines are equipped with both standard and special Details lapping plates to enable us to process most types of components. We are able to lap and/or polish components up to 530mm dia (approx 21”).

We can process most materials to a specific surface finish or flatness. Shouldered components, ie those with a raised centre or shaft, are also able to be lapped.

All work is returned with a Certificate of Conformity covering the generated surface finish and flatness, relative to the customer’s drawing or specification.
Our reputation has been built on service, reliability and quality. Fast turnaround times are our speciality.
Materialographic Products
Kemet Special Polishing Abrasives

Aluminium Oxide & Silicon Carbide
For smoothing operations.

Polishing Alumina
For use on most materials in polishing stages.
Aluminium Oxide Powder
Alumina Powder
Silicon Carbide Powder
For lapping of Petrographic Material. Available in six grit sizes.
Green Silicon Carbide Powder
Miscellaneous Polishing Suspensions
Kemet Diamond Products
Diamond Products
Kemet Diamond Products are available in Standard grade, manufactured with Monocrystalline Diamond Powder, or in our SUPERIOR Premier grade, manufactured with Polycrystalline Diamond Powder. For Kemet Standard and Premier Grades only the highest quality virgin Diamond Powder is used, which must satisfy two important criteria - shaping and grading.

Diamond Compound

Water soluble diamond compound available in two types: CM and CP.
Supplied in 5g Applikators, 10g or 20g syringes.

Type CM
Standard grade high concentration containing Monocrystalline Diamond Powder.
Type CP
Premier grade high concentration containing Polycrystalline Diamond Powder particular recommended for polishing ceramics sintered materials and composites.

10g Applicator Stick
Water soluble, stick diamond compound manufactured with Monocrystalline Diamond Powder.
Diamond Suspension
Low viscosity, high concentration, water (W) or oil (O) soluble suspensions available in two types: WM or OM Standard grade, containing monocrystalline diamond powder and WP or OP Premier grade containing polycrystalline diamond powder.

• Uniform suspension of diamond particles.
• No agitation required.
• Suitable for dispensing by Kemet Electronic Dispenser or alternative systems.

Types OM and OP available in 400g bottles with trigger spray.
Types WM & WP available in 400g bottles with trigger spray.
Diamond Spray
Water soluble spray manufactured with monocrystalline
diamond powder.

Polycrystalline spray also available.

Supplied in 100g Pump-up Spray Dispenser
Lubricating Fluid
Type R OS2:
A low viscosity odourless oil-based fluid for use where water is not permitted.

Type GW2:
A low viscosity water-based fluid specially developed for use with Kemet Diamond Suspension, particularly when used with Kemet Lapping Plates.

Type Blue:
Improves cutting and polishing performance.
Can be used on polishing cloths or Kemet plates.
Kemet Polishing Cloths
Kemet Chemo-textile Cloths

Manufactured to the highest standards with accurately controlled uniform thickness. Self-adhesive, and available in soft (PSU-S), medium (PSU-M), hard (PSU-H) and extra hard (PAD-K) formats. Chem Cloth is also available for Chemo-mechanical Polishing.

Chemo-textile Cloths
These soft, medium and hard chemo-textile cloths are for smoothing and polishing operations. Commonly used with Kemet Diamond Compound 14 micron and finer.
The ultra-hard chemo-textile cloth used where fast cutting is needed. Used with Kemet Diamond Compound 25 micron and finer. Also available perforated.
Kemet Silk-Type Cloths

Kemet silk-type cloths have been developed for finishing metal specimens and components. The five types available are MSFL, MSF, MSR, MST and ULP.

Silk Type Cloths
Will polish metal flat, and to a mirror finish. Best results are obtained when used with Kemet Diamond Compound or Diamond Suspension 3 micron and finer. Water resistant adhesive (oil resistant available).
Similar to MSFL, but with a thicker, softer adhesive backing and plastic barrier which is resistant to most fluids.
An extra hard, rigid silk cloth for increased cutting action.
A heavy duty nylon pad for high stock removal.
Similar to MSFL with rigid plastic backing.
Toolroom & Precision Engineering
A wide range of standard and special Diamond Products formulated and manufactured in our quality controlled laboratories. Each Kemet Diamond Product is a special blend of Diamond Powder with a specific grading and concentration in a chemical carrier to give the optimum:
• Stock removal and surface finish.
• Ease of cleaning.
• Temperature resistance.
• Lubricity to prevent drying out.
We use only the best quality virgin Diamond Powder and high purity chemicals in Kemet Diamond Products. Most Kemet products are biodegradable.

Diamond Grading - The exceptionally close grading standards developed by us exceed many international standards and guarantee that Kemet Diamond Products are manufactured to the closest tolerances.
Quality Control - Microscopic and computer analysis of the Diamond Powder ensures that it is exactly the correct grading and shape to maximise cutting performance.
Consistency of Performance - Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance standards - our guarantee that the quality will be consistent.
User Friendly - Manufactured from high purity chemicals - safe to use and friendly to the environment.

Special Products

With changing technology, new Diamond Products are continually being developed to meet specific requirements. These products may well incorporate different types of Diamond to suit the application, e.g. Synthetic Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline or Natural Powder, suspended in unique chemical carriers. Our laboratories are available to help and develop formulations specific to your needs.

Type KD Diamond Compound
• Worldwide - The preferred choice.
• Universal Diamond Compound for rapid stock removal and superfine surface finish.
• Soluble in both oil and water.
• Recommended for Toolroom and Precision Production applications.

  The AppliKator (shown above) is a syringe designed to accurately meter out quantities of Kemet Diamond Compound, preventing waste and contamination.     Kemet produces special Diamond Compound formulations in its laboratories to suit specific customer requirements.
Type L Diamond Compound
• Oil Soluble Diamond Compound specially developed for use on hard materials such as Tungsten Carbide, hardened Steels and Ceramics.

• High thermal stability of the chemical carrier ensures that Kemet Diamond Compound resists frictional heat, remains stable, and keeps its
suspension properties under operating conditions.

• Recommended for Toolroom and General Production applications.
Type W Diamond Compound
• Water Soluble Diamond Compound.
• Recommended for precision engineering and electronic applications where water based products are preferred.
• Ideal for use on polishing cloths.

Water soluble, stick Diamond Compound manufactured with Monocrystalline Diamond Powder. Allows easy application of Diamond Compound to Lapping and Polishing Discs eliminating the need for spatulas or manual application.
Liquid Diamond
Our range of Kemet Liquid Diamond products are available as oil soluble, water soluble or as emulsions. The chemical composition of the carrier fluids is carefully controlled to ensure that they are compatible both with the Lapping Plate and the components being lapped.

• Optimum viscosity and chemical composition of each Liquid Diamond Product gives fast stock removal with the ability to produce superfine surface finishes.

• Suitable for dispensing with the Kemet Electronic Dispensing System thus eliminating wastage and reducing lapping costs.

• Specially formulated Liquid Diamond Products enable parts to be easily cleaned.
Kemet Lubricating Fluids
• Assists Kemet Diamond Products to cut and polish more effectively by absorbing frictional heat and diluting the lapping residue.
• Lubricant performance remains stable even when under high pressure.
• Manufactured from high purity chemicals.
Polishing Accessories

One of the finest all-metal polishes in the world. Simichrome is used to produce an ultra high finish. It is ideal for chrome, steel, brass, gold and silver etc. A small amount of Simichrome applied to a clean Kemet Felt Bob or Cone will remove the smoky haze often seen after final finishing. This will bring out the brilliance of the metal. Simichrome can also be applied by hand using a clean, soft cloth and then buffed to a brilliant lustre. It leaves a protective film and is recommended for use after using Kemet Diamond Compounds.
Kemet Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound

In some cases Silicon Carbide is the preferred abrasive for precision lapping, cutting and smoothing of metal surfaces. Kemet Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound retains its texture and lubrication properties during extended lapping operations.
    Sabre Aluminium Oxide Paste

Sabre Abrasive Paste is specially formulated containing Aluminium Oxide Abrasive and is available in 20g syringes. It is suitable for a wide range of lapping/polishing operations, and it is particularly effective when used for smoothing soft metals such as brass, aluminium and copper; it is also effective for smoothing small areas of glass prior to polishing. Sabre Pastes are also available based on both silicon carbide and boron carbide abrasives.

KEMET - Composite lapping rods
The finest composite lapping materials for use with Kemet Diamond Compounds. Kemet composite rods are manufactured from a homogeneous mix of synthetic resins, metal particles and other materials. Kemet rods are produced in varying hardness values so that the softest materials can be safely lapped with Kemet Diamond compound.

Kemet Iron - Principally used on harder materials where heavy stock removal is required.
Kemet Copper - Used to lap softer materials where fine lapping and polishing is the primary requirement.
Kemet XP - Developed for the polishing of hard materials such as ceramic and tungsten carbide.
Kemet Tin - Used for precision polishing of optical and opto-electronic components. N.B. Rods will be supplied centred each end and 25mm longer than nominal length for machining to requirements, with the exception of Kemet Tin which will be supplied uncentred at 150mm long. Prices for other sizes available on application.
Kemet Mounted Grinding Points

Kemet can supply to special order a wide range of mounted grinding points for specialist applications. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, grits and bonds. For full information consult Kemet Technical Department.
Tool / Mould Cleaning Systems
Kemet Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Industry and manufacturers require thoroughly clean parts (typical applications include the cleaning of lapped components, e.g. mechanical seals, valves and medical equipment). Nothing cleans faster, safer or more thoroughly than Kemet Ultrasonic Cleaners. Getting into awkward and hidden surfaces is no problem. With no moving parts, the vibrating transducers create an implosion of microscopic bubbles through the aqueous cleaning fluid that literally blasts dirt, scale and waste from intricate objects and from the most inaccessible places.
Full range of complimentary Rinse / Dewatering / Drying / Filtration / Platform and Automation equipment is available.

• Powerful ultrasonics for good cleaning.
• Thermostatically controlled indirect heating (heating panels in side walls).
• Floor sloping to drain valve.
• Built-in ultrasonic generator.
• Electronic controls with digital time/temperature display.
• Level guard which cuts off heating and ultrasonics if there is insufficient liquid in the tank.
• Double lid with thermal and acoustic insulation.
• Overflow weir for oil skimming.
Tooling Equipment
Kemet Portable Hand Lap Kits for Lapping and Polishing

The Kemet 3 Lap Kit
Admirably suited for Flat Lapping and Polishing by hand. It contains three lapping plates, each with its own grade of Kemet Diamond Compound. This makes it possible to process many components in three stages, from lapping through to polishing. Each lapping plate is backed with anti-slip matting.

Kemet Single Hand Lap Kits
Components lapped and/or polished by hand in minutes rather than hours. Ideal for components manufactured from ceramics, tungsten carbide, ni-resist etc. Kemet Portable Hand Lapping Kits are also ideally suitable for low volume production, when optimum surface finish is required, and where it is not economical to purchase a lapping or polishing machine. - web design, graphic design, printing, internet, hosting, annual reports, logo design, business card design, web site, web development, email